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Childrens' Councils

School Council

"The School Council is about taking good ideas then making them happen. The ideas we gather, we share with our classmates and they give us feedback which we take into our meetings and we discuss and act on them. Being on the School Council is BRILLIANT…but it also has its responsibilities. And so far we have succeeded !
We have helped organise:
recycling, reducing single use plastic, discos and special event days." 


House Captains

Our Houses are named after Yorkshire castles and are: Middleham, Richmond, Pickering and Skipton. House Captains and Vice Captains are superb role models and ambassadors for the school. They help the teachers with organisation, reward systems, mentoring younger children and promoting the school weekly ethos statements. They can easily be spotted around school wearing their caps in house colours !


Food Ambassadors

Our Food Ambassadors work with our Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, Mrs Hogg and the Catering Leeds Team to try new foods and develop our school dinner menu. They also work on promoting healthy eating through communicating their healthy lunchbox guidelines around school.


Harmony Council

The Harmony Council work on issues around behaviour, diversity, equalities and community. In recent years, they have produced anti-bullying guidelines, delivered input for classmates on special needs, friendships and safety. The Harmony Council also lead work on charity awareness.


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Mrs J.R. Sabourn

Chair of Governors
Mr P. Holmes

Ninelands Primary School           
Ninelands Lane
Leeds  LS25 1NT

General Enquiries
Mrs J Kirkpatrick
Administrative Officer       Tel:   0113 287 8370