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School uniforms can be purchased from the School Partnership Trust Shop on Main Street, Garforth. Ties are available from school.

All pupils are required to adopt the following dress code:

Items of Uniform 
Sweatshirt/Cardigan Plain navy blue (with or without school logo) 
Skirt (approx. knee length) Plain navy blue 
Trousers ( boys and girls) Plain navy blue 
Pinafore dress (approx knee length) Plain navy blue 
Blouse or shirt Plain white (worn inside skirt/trousers) 
Polo style t-shirt Plain white with or without school logo 
Summer dress Blue & white checks or stripes 
Tie Navy blue with red stripe 
Socks or tights Navy, grey, black or white 
Shoes Black ( not trainers ) 

Key Stage 1 - Indoor PE
Boys Navy blue shorts and plain white T-shirt 
Girls Navy blue shorts and plain white T-shirt or navy blue leotard 

Key Stage 1 and 2 Outdoor PE
Boys and Girls Navy blue jogging bottoms or PE shorts and plain white T-shirt 
Navy fleece or tracksuit top, trainers

Key Stage 2 - Indoor PE
Boys Navy blue shorts and plain white T-shirt
Girls Navy blue shorts and plain white T-shirt 

Navy blue fleeces may be purchased from school with the school logo on but these are for OUTDOOR WEAR ONLY. 

Clothes including sportswear bearing logos other than that of the school are not acceptable.
Children need a bag, preferably with a drawstring, in which to keep their kit. Large bags and rucksacks are not suitable as they take up too much space in the cloakroom.  
All children require a change of footwear, even in the summer months. Indoor shoes should be soft soled and lightweight. Shoes should have a sensible and safe heel height i.e. no more than 4 cm.  
All school clothing and shoes must be clearly marked with name tapes. 

Jewellery and Make-up 
For safety reasons jewellery is not to be worn other than plain studs for pierced ears. These must be removed or covered by plasters for P.E. activities. Any jewellery worn will be removed and returned to the child at the end of the school day. Nail varnish, transfers and make-up must not be worn.

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Mrs J.R. Sabourn

Chair of Governors
Mr P. Holmes

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General Enquiries
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